Friday, October 10, 2008


A photo of Saturn and her mighty moon, Titan from yesterday

A photo of the rings of Saturn, taken in September 2008

Makes all the name calling seem rather silly, doesn't it?

You know, today with all of the craptacular stuff in the news, I thought we need to be reminded of some of the 'out of this world' things that are larger than all of the mud being slung around.  So here are some pictures of Saturn and Titan taken by the fabulous Cassini-Huygens Spacecraft.  The Cassini-Huygens project is a joint scientific mission between Nasa, the European Space Agency and the Italian Space agency to study Saturn and it's giant moon, Titan.  Umm, foreign governments working together, imagine that!  Anyway, this amazing spacecraft entered Saturn's orbit in June of 2004 and began sending images and data back immediately and every day since.  Amazing.  I may be a geek, but how cool is that?  They have fantastic website with new pictures everyday.  Check it out here.  More evidence that taxes are not evil.

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