Wednesday, April 15, 2009


A giant spider web on my Maple tree, last summer.

Today a tree service that I hired came to my house today to look at a very large, very old Maple tree in front of my house.  The tree has been needing trimmed, but lately, it hasn't been looking too great.  The man from the service tells me that it would be best if we took it down, as it is near the end of it's life and being so close to the house, it could fall and cause lots of damage and even injury.  I admit I wasn't really surprised, but I'm so sad anyway.  I cried a little thinking about the tree being gone.  Sometimes, I don't deal will loss very well.  This particular tree service will be able to plant a new, fairly large Sugar Maple in it's spot, which will grow fairy quickly.  That's good and makes me feel a little better, but I will miss this old man standing in front of my house.
 My house is a lovely old Craftsman-style house in an old and wooded neighborhood. It's amazing to think about all of the things that have happened in the world during the time that the tree has been standing in front of our house.  If that old tree could talk, I wonder what it would say about all of the people who have lived in our house?  I wonder what it would say about us?  


Gail said...

He's say..."get that damn spider web off me" :))

Cristina Leonard said...

Gail, Thanks for the compassionate response. Appreciate it!

Gail said...

Well the tree could be saying... "Hey Big Girl..." You know how those old trees can be :))

You miss know it.

Karen Elmquist said...

The tree is saying, "I'll miss these lovely people". Could you make something out of the wood to keep? A bench, or shelves for special things?

Cristina Leonard said...

That's a sweet idea. You're so much nicer than Gail.