Thursday, April 16, 2009


I read a report today from MSNBC about a mystery donor who has given 45 million dollars to 8 different universities.  Only two stipulations were made on the gifts.  One, that the institutions must not try to find out who the donor or donors are.  Two, the majority of the money must be spent on student scholarships.  Wow.  Assuming that the funds are not from illegal sources, what an amazingly generous thing for someone to do. Especially wonderful given the strain that some students must be feeling due to the economy.  One of the larger individual gifts, 7 million dollars, was given to the University of Iowa.  Such great timing for our institution which is struggling to find ways to pay for the massive damage on campus due to last years floods.  7 million dollars will help a lot of students pay for school.  I find the idea of someone giving a gift like that, without wanting anything in return, not even recognition, really wonderful.  Thanks!  Apparently, only you know who you are.
Read the MSNBC article, here.

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