Friday, May 4, 2012


Poppy Jasper

   Kambaba Jasper

The back of the Kambaba Jasper piece.

I decided recently that it was time to start setting some of the amazing stones that I have acquired over the years from the amazing Gary Wilson.  It's a little scary how many of his cabs I own.  I know I'm not alone (you know who you are, Gail and Anne).  As I have gushed before, Gary is a very fine lapidary artist from Tucson, Arizona and there is something really special about his work.  The shear amount of it is enough to take your breath away.  Anyway, I have found it difficult to actually use many of his pieces, setting them aside on the bench until some later, unspecified time when my skills might be worthy of such fine work.  Plus, if I make something with them, I probably should try to sell it, but letting go is hard. I made a ring last year from a spectacular piece of Lapis that I sold at the first show I took it to.  The lovely lady who bought it was very happy, but I still sort of wish I had kept it.  But life is short, and so I have decided to go for it.  Why not, right?  So, Art Jewelry Magazine recently put out a call for photos of the backs of people's work  (which I think is a very cool idea) and I sent in a photo of the Kambaba pendant.  I really liked the back of the Poppy Jasper pendant, but it has a small soldering flaw, so I guess I'll have to keep it : )

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