Saturday, January 23, 2010


Sandra, Alice, Mary Lynn, David, Pam and Bonnie, all concentrating hard.

A pile of toggles, still wired together from their spin in the tumbler.

PMC pendants with fine silver bails.

Unfired pendants with slide bails on the backs.

I had an all day PMC class at Bead Haven today. We did a sort of mishmash of techniques including toggles with riveted toggle bars, pendants with a big jump ring of PMC fired onto them and pendants with a slide bail attached to the backs. We had a full class and a lot of pieces to get done in just one day, but we did it and had fun as well. After class I drove home in a cold, windy, torrential rain storm. A trip that usually takes 20 minutes took me nearly an hour. I was cold and wet when I got home, but was greeted with such enthusiasm by two of the world's most beautiful, fuzzy cats, that I was instantly warmed. At least my heart was, if not my toes.

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