Wednesday, November 19, 2008


My lovely friend Gail points out that I have not blogged in quite a while.  To be honest, I sort of lost heart for it.  I think the reason why is that I usually sit on the couch with my lap top to blog and when I look up I can see Maxie looking at me from his little bed by the fireplace.  When I look up now, of course, now his little bed is empty.  As I sit here writing this, it hurts a lot and I have to wipe my eyes so that I can type, but it also feels right.  My sweet little girl kitty, Sophie has taken to napping in the chair next to Maxie's bed in the evenings.  She never really did this before.  I think maybe it is her way of trying to help me not miss her brother so much.
Thanks again to all my wonderful friends, some that I've never even met before, for the kind words and thoughts.  They have helped more than you can imagine.

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Anne E. Mitchell said...

our furry friends know more of what we need than we do most of the the time. They are always there with those looks, head butts, purrs and snuggles when we need them most and when we are hurting the most. I do not know how they do it...but I am grateful each and every time it happens and I love them more that I thought possible each time they surprise me with it.